Wednesday, July 2, 2008

With great power comes great responsibility? 独裁? 民主?

With great power comes great responsibility, that’s the famous quote from your wall-crawling friendly neighbourhood. But in Malaysia, it’s defined as “With great power comes great corruption (power, money and etc)”

No matter you are supporters of the Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat, we should not let them have the chance to abuse their power......... Why should UMNO occupy the both PM and DPM post, instead of giving the DPM post to the leader of the second largest winning party. If PBS wins the most parliament seats in the election, followed by PPBB, then the PM and DPM post should be given to PBS and PPBB. It’s time we say goodbye to the dictatorship of UMNO, and rightly so.

Power to the people!


不管你是国阵,还是民联的支持者,都不该容许有这类的事情继续发生。我们需要人民做出自己的决定来选出他们心目中的领导人。为何国家的首要两个领导人都是来自同样的政党,而不是公平的分配给其他成员党。如果团结党在全国大选赢得全国最多票数,而土保党赢得第二多的票数,那么我国的两个最高领导者位置应该由这两个党的领导人来担任。为什么还要继续当巫统的拉线公仔? (有些东西不需要写得太明白,哈!)


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